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Most patients come to us with a specific diagnosed condition, or have symptoms that need further assessment. They may seek natural therapy to complement the conventional treatment they are receiving, or are simply interested in non-invasive, non-surgical, non-pharmaceutical options.
Some patients come who aren't quite "sick", but want to increase their well-being, and learn how to prevent illness.
No matter your status, we're here to help.

Patients come to us because they are...

  • Experiencing back problems, joint or musculoskeletal pain

  • Experiencing neurological dysfunction

  • Experiencing infertility

  • Experiencing headaches or sensory disturbances

  • Interested in women's health information, PMS or menopausal symptoms

  • Looking for help with nutrition or weight management

  • Interested in body detoxification

  • Interested in learning about illness/disease prevention

  • Experiencing low energy/fatigue or an overwhelming, stressful lifestyle

  • Interested in increased performance (mental acuity and/or athletic endurance)

  • Looking to age with grace, ease, and vitality; interested in hormone balancing

  • Seeking longevity and feeling good - adding life to their years, not just years to their life

  • Curious about new diagnostic techniques and available natural therapies

  • Looking to maintain the high degree of health and wellness they already enjoy

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