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Contact Regulation Thermography (CRT)

Contact Regulation Thermography


For 20 years, contact regulation thermography (CRT) has been an integral diagnostic in Dr. Odell's naturopathic practice. Along with Dr. Thomas Rau (Medical Director of the Paracelsus Klinik, Lustmühle, Switzerland), Dr. Odell has taught CRT interpretation within a conference forum offered by the Biological Medicine Network.


Prior to teaching, Dr. Odell attended several CRT workshops taught by Dr. Petra Blum, MD, co-founder of the International Medical Academy for Thermography in Bad Homburg, Germany.


Over the past few years, Dr. Odell has provided interpretative case reports and technical advice to a select group of CRT practitioners.


Two types of CRT interpretation reports are available:


  • Brief overview of important finding with priority recommendations

  • Comprehensive detailed evaluation with follow-up dignostic and potential therapeutic recommendations

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