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Pulsating Cupping Therapy


Pulsating Cupping Therapy is the perfect marriage of ancient wisdom paired with modern technology.


While cupping has long been a part of Traditional Chinese Medicine, this unique innovative design allows cups (and mats) of various shapes, sizes, and materials to bend over joints - the cups are then attached via soft tubing to modern control technology, allowing them to pulsate and pump electronically.

Dr. Odell had the great pleasure of speaking with the inventor of this "cupping-edge" technology at the 51st annual "Medicine Week" (Europe's oldest conference on bioregulatory medicine) in Baden-Baden, Germany.


Click play to see the engineer Sigmar Hengge of HeVaTech, along with his wife, demonstrating the pulsating cupping technology he invented after losing his foot in a motorbiking accident (to help reduce the daily swelling and other complications from wearing a prosthetic).


Learn how this system is used to improve lymphatic drainage; for back pain; to treat asthma; and even as a substitute for Botox. For more information on this cupping therapy, visit

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