• Contact Regulation Thermography

    Since 1998 contact regulation thermography has been an integral diagnostic in my naturopathic practice. With Dr. Thomas Rau (Medical Director of the Paracelsus Klinik, Lustmuhle, Switzerland), I have taught CRT interpretation within a conference forum offered by the Biological Medicine Network. Prior to teaching, I attended several CRT workshops taught by Dr. Petra Blum, MD, who co-founded the International Medical Academy for Thermography in Bad Homburg Germany, and Dr. Dan Beilin who originally represented Eidam CRT 2000 here in the United States. I am employed by PDC Biological Health Group (formerly EIDAM Diagnostics Corp.) to teach CRT interpretation here in North America. Over the last few years I have been providing interpretative case reports and technical advice to a select group of CRT practitioners. Two types of CRT interpretation reports are provided/available:

    • Brief overview of important finding with priority recommendations
    • Comprehensive detailed evaluation with follow-up dignostic and potential therapeutirecommendations

    If you are interested in further information about my CRT consultation service such as fees and turnaround time or would like a sample report, please contact my office at 502-429-8835 or E-mail odell@biologicalmedicine.info.

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    PDC Biological Health Group Corporation is a publicly held Canadian company headquartered in Richmond, British Columbia with offices in Germany and China.

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